The name Turtleback means many things to the staff and ownership. It speaks to our approach to serving our customers, our desire to take the time to get it right and to play a positive role in the community.

Turtles are synonymous with trustworthiness, longevity and never being in a rush. In many cultures the turtle is known as the storyteller of the animal kingdom. Many people will be familiar with the creation myth of Turtle Island, which tells of how North America is sitting on a turtle’s back. Visitors to The Turtleback can enjoy the beautiful painting Turtle Island which is local artist Chelsea Brooks’ expression of our concept.  

The Turtleback is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Thomas, which is part of the historic Shubenacadie Canal system that served as a highway for the local Mi’ Kmaq people and later for early European settlers. Just as a turtle is comfortable enjoying life in the water or on land, guests at The Turtleback can enjoy the waters of Lake Thomas on the turtle’s back, from the comfort of our dining area or covered patio.

Turtles carry their home on their back, and as a result they are never far from home. In the same way the staff and management of The Turtleback strive to make our customers feel at home when they join us at The Turtleback.  



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3187 Highway 2
Fall River, Nova Scotia

T  /  902-860-3610​

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